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All Quiet on the Western Front: Beyond the Text

Study Guide
Dialectical Journals

All Quiet on the Western Front is a book that puts your mind into the war. The book goes into such detail that it just drags you into the war. For my title, I choose to put All Quiet on the Western Front: Beyond the Text because this project is not just reading the novel, we had to look beyond what the book was saying. We had to put our minds in the characters mind, and feel what they were feeling. For the pictures, I put a picture of a movie cover for the first picture. This is an "opening picture". The second picture I put on because it shows what war really is- death , pain, and forgetting the past. The third picture, I imagined, is the boys looking at the battle field after a battle, and seeing all the men lost. The fourth picture is a picture of Paul sitting beside Kemmerich's bed when he was dying. Paul then relizes the reality of war, and that it does not favor anyone. It is all chance. The final picture I choose because it shows Paul in the pothole, and when he stabbed a man. After, he relized that man only wanted to live like him. I also put the six themes of the book on the title page because that played a big part in the novel. In the six projects that I have choosen to do, I had to look beyond what the text was saying, and pretend I was the one in the war, and what it would feel like to be there.


Alli Reed